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Firearms Training: Civilian – Law Enforcement

PYL provides high level Firearms Training for Civilian and LEO clients.


Our senior instructor is Keith Mazza.


Mr. Mazza has been a Subject Matter Expert [SME] for various U.S. military organizations since 1995,  including the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command, U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command.


Mr. Mazza is a Federal law enforcement instructor for the HIDTA High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program, as well as Defensive Tactics Instructor for various Police Departments.


In 1999, Mr. Mazza was chosen as a research associate for two medical studies at the UMDNJ-Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and Boston University.


Mr. Mazza is also a certified Combative’s and Defensive Tactics Instructor through the IPSSC.


Mr. Mazza is a certified NRA firearms instructor [Pistol | Rifle | Shotgun].


Mr. Mazza has been responsible for training and implementing various Executive Protection teams both in and outside the United States.




Tactical Urban Carbine Level 1

Tactical shooting

  1. Safety
  2. Proper grip and stance
  3. Gear selection and placement
  4. Fundamentals of shooting
  5. Different ready positions
  6. Multiple targets
  7. Shooting positions
  8. Malfunction Drills
  9. Reload Drills
  10. Weapon Retention


Tactical Urban Carbine Level 2

Review Of Urban Carbine 1

  1. Safety
  2. Proper grip and stance
  3. Gear selection and placement
  4. Tactical Shooting
  5. Different ready positions
  6. Shooting on the Move
  7. Transitioning from primary to secondary weapon
  8. Multiple targets
  9. Barricade Shooting
  10. Shooting positions
  11. Malfunction Drills
  12. Reload Drills
  13. Weapon Retention
  14. Real Life scenario based drills


Tactical Urban Carbine Level 3

Review of Urban Carbine 1 and 2

  1. CQB Advanced building search and room clearing techniques
  2. Using a vehicle as cover
  3. Shooting on the move
  4. Moving from cover to cover position
  5. Stress drills
  6. Team movement (1-5 man)


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