Si-fu Devone [Prov. Master]


Sifu Jerry Devone WING CHUN

Sifu Jerry Devone WING CHUN

Si-fu JERRY DEVONE [Provisional Master Level 1 Traditional Wing Chun]


  • B.A. History Rowan University

  • Teaching degree from Rutgers University

  • Certified personal trainer, ACE (American Council on Exercise) May 2012.

  • Personal training certification of achievement Camden County College.


In 1991, I started my martial arts career at age 14 under Sifu Ron Wilson and Sifu Phu Ngo. Under their teachings I had learned a hybrid of Shaolin Kung Fu using techniques from 5 Animals, Wing Chun, and Chin Na. I also began studying Chi Kung.


In 1995 I met Sifu Keith Mazza and began to train exclusively with him to learn Traditional Wing Chun, which I believed to be the best lineage of all Wing Chun systems. From my previous training, the Wing Chun I had learned was a mixture of traditional and modified, but I knew that under Sifu Mazza I would learn the system the proper way.


In late 2002 I had received my Sifu certification, tested by Grandmaster William Cheung himself.


And in late 2003, I again tested under Grandmaster to receive my Provisional Master level 1 ranking.


Since those years, I have continued to train with Master Mazza. During my many years of training, I have learned many things from Sifu Mazza, besides Wing Chun, such as Shaolin conditioning exercises and Chi Kung [Qigong]


I have also learned a lot from my interactions with wrestlers, grapplers, boxers, Muay Thai fighters, karate practitioners, etc., which I believe has helped provide me with a realistic understanding of the application of Wing Chun, and martial arts in general. Although I’m not too fond of training for tournaments, I have entered a several over the years, and have found success winning in forms, point sparring, chi sao, and full contact fighting. 



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