SIRT Laser Training Pistol & Combat Stress Training Workshop Feb 3, 2018

Keith Mazza Firearms Training

with Keith Mazza – Federal HIDTA Instructor and Certified Firearms Expert

SIRT Laser Training Pistol & Combat Stress Training Workshop


The secret to becoming adept with utilizing your firearm is dry fire training.  Any seasoned professional will tell you that 95% of your training should come from dry fire training.

This class will refine your live fire training utilizing laser pistols.  These pistols are based on the Glock 17. Combined in this class we will also go over adrenal stress training to teach you to react and to shoot under pressure.



Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Fee: $200.00 p/p 

Seminar Fee Feb 3


Location: KUNTAO Martial Arts Club 400 Franklin Ave., Suite 115, Phoenixville, PA 19460

Contact:   Dale Yeager /610-247-1017


This class will cover:


1)         Practice vs. training – the difference between them and how to optimally utilize both.

2)         Draw stroke patterns from conceal carry.

 3)         Garment manipulation for your draw.

4)         Shooting drills to maximize your proficiency when drawing from concealment.

5)         Tactical footwork.

6)         Moving from position SUL.

7)         3 position shooting.

8)         Adrenal Stress training (learning how to shoot when you are put under pressure).

9)         How to engage single and multiple opponents.

10)       Shooting on the move.

11)       Breath control skills.

12)       Shooting in defense of a child.

13)       Training realistically to control others while shooting.

14)       Moving through a crowd to defend others.

15)       Mental awareness drills and diagnosing your field of fire.

16)       Basic vehicle dynamics shooting.

17)       How to enter and clear a room.


Class attendance is limited to 20 people.  Paid registrations accepted only!

If you have a SIRT laser training pistol and a strong side holster, please bring it or one will be supplied to you.

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